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Hey There

Meeting a new stylist can be scary! But it doesn't have to be!


Read below about the Tru Reverie team and follow us on Instagram to get to know us a little better before your first visit!


Meet Rachel

Hey hey! I'm Rachel!

Being a stylist is more than just doing hair. To me, it's a way to be creative, connect with others, challenge myself, AND get to wear jeans every day! I want you to be absolutely obsessed with your hair when you leave the salon. Whichhhh means I am going to do absolutely EVERYTHING in my power to make sure all the details are perfect. I don't skips steps, I don't rush, and I don't do things traditionally. Odds are, by the time you come back for your maintenance appointment, I'll have learned how I can make your service even better than last time. I will never stop learning, improving, and seeking better options! And in return, you will likely learn something new about your hair, too! 


But since it's not ALL about the hair, let's enjoy each others company while you're here! I'm happy to crack jokes, be a supportive friend, be silent so you can read/work, make you a latte, or whatever you need! Let's hang out, create gorgeous hair, and have a good time!

Specialties: Lived-in color - Seamless Extensions - Bridal Styling

I also offer 1:1 mentorship + education for other stylists!

Feel free to message me for more information!

Fun Facts:

Lover of every dog I have ever met

Dog mom to Casper, Polly, and Piper

Constantly thinking of my next goal

Earth tones and mustard yellow are year-round colors in my wardrobe

Always dreaming of the mountains

Lover of books when I actually find the time to read

Enneagram 3w2

I really like everything plain : lattes, t-shirts, bagels, etc.
Dream car:  classic VW beetle

Owner + Stylist

Meet Andrea

Co-Stylist + Stylist

Hello there, I’m Andrea!


I am Rachel’s super cool Assistant! You can catch me running around the salon washing bowls, helping color your extensions, replying to messages or emails, restocking our amazing product (have you checked out the Smoothing Cream yet?!), and watching Rachel to learn as much as possible from her!


Just starting my career as a hairstylist means I cannot get enough of learning! Being able to help Rachel gives me the hands-on learning experience I hope to apply to my current and future clients to give them the hair goals they are dreaming of! 


Like Rachel I am enneagram 3 - this means I am incredibly motivated to meet my goals and strive for perfection! When I am not in the salon you can find me at home with my husband and our three fur babies - Zoey, Cam, and Nathan! I love to be outside, drink iced oatmilk vanilla lattes, shop at Hello Adorn and Free People, and read (I am a Ravenclaw for any other Harry Potter fans out there!)


I can’t wait to see and meet you all in the salon and help Rachel deliver some serious hair goals!

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