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The Extension Experience


The Consultation

Extensions aren't a one-size-fits all type of service. At least not around here they aren't.

This means we need to meet first and discuss alllllll the details together. We will go over length, density, color, texture, budget, lifestyle, at-home care, maintenance requirements, budget, goals, and more!

At the end of this appointment, we schedule your install day and order your new hair! 

Not a local? No worries! Send us a message and we will work with you to do a digital consultation!


The Foundation

Wondering how your new hair is going to be attached?

I'll tell ya! We use a braided foundation for the majority of our extension installs! (very few exceptions, but sometimes a hybrid install is necessary)

The braid allows for even tension distribution....which means no damage! 1-3 rows will be strategically placed using just your own hair and string.


No glue, no beads,

no problems!


The Install

The wefts are then placed precisely and stitched to the braided rows. 


The stitches are made with precision to ensure comfort, security, and lasting results. Once they are installed, a custom cut ties your hair into the extension hair seamlessly!


The cut is probably one of the most important steps to ensure a perfect blend!



The Color

First things first. We can't install beautiful new extensions without first adjusting your existing hair!

Since we already met and discussed the plan; our signature applications will bring you one step closer to your dream hair! 

This is key to creating the perfect blend! Once your color is where we want it, we can move on to the exciting

stuff... NEW HAIR!


The Customization

You know how sometimes you see people out in the wild....and you can TELL they have extensions? Yeah, lets try to avoid that.

Around here we custom color each and every weft that we install. Every. Single. One. 

This allows for you to wear your hair in any style without fear of someone seeing your extensions.


Sometimes I even have a hard time finding them!


The Results

Undetectable, seamless extensions that look like you grew it yourself! Nobody needs to know that you didn't! 

Enjoy your new found confidence, babe!

You deserve it! 

Extensions that don't LOOK like extensions.


Fill out an application to get your extension journey started! 

Bring your dream hair to life!

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