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Join us!

Tru Reverie is ready to change the course of what it means to become a stylist in Eau Claire.


We are a small salon now, with big goals of expanding in the future! But we want to ensure we do it in a sustainable way. That means hiring the right people and growing at a pace that ensures quality.

We want every stylist to know success + confidence. You don't have to "fake it 'til you make it" or learn from trial and error in the hopes that SOMEDAY you will figure it out. 

Here we want to show you how to unlock your fullest potential and give you the tools to achieve your goals. 

Working at Tru Reverie.

 If you're willing to learn and be part of a team, we are ready to teach!


Becoming a successful stylist starts with a great foundation; and that's exactly what we want to build for you. Our executive assistant and co-stylist programs are designed to elevate your career as quickly as possible. From the basics, to the no-so-basics, we will cover it all. As you work your way through the program you will work alongside Rachel in the salon and follow a structured growth plan. 


Hooray! Finally a system that will create a seamless transition from co-stylist to stylist! 

Currently Hiring:

Executive Assistant

We are in the market for a new member of the Tru Reverie family!


The executive assistant position will be available mid-February when our current employee graduates from cosmetology school! 

This position is a great way for cosmetology students to dip their toes in the life of a hairstylist! You will learn additional skills outside of your school program, assist in salon duties, learn social media, and more! When you graduate school, you will have the opportunity to advance into the co-stylist position. 


For more information: click here.

Applications close January 20th, 2023.

We’re Hiring

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